The 'Intikhabi Mela,' an event organized by Code for Pakistan in collaboration with the Institute of Management Studies, was held on Thursday, January 25, 2024, at the Business Incubation Center of the University of Peshawar. This event, part of a series of roadshows across the country, focused on the integration of art, technology, and civic engagement in the context of the upcoming general elections. Its primary goal was to highlight the importance of informed voting and active participation in democratic processes and facilitate access to political information.

The roadshow of the Intikhabi Mela in Peshawar garnered considerable attention. It brought together students and professionals to create impactful artworks and posters that reflect their perspectives on democracy and the elections. Students from various disciplines, including Computer Science, Political Science, Journalism, Business Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies, and Criminology, participated in the event. Dr. Aamer Raza and Dr. Mehnaz Gul, from the University's Department of Political Science and Institute of Management Studies, respectively, delivered insightful talks on the significance of election participation and voter rights education.

Shaji Ahmed, CEO of Code for Pakistan, stated, "At Code for Pakistan, we focus on fostering partnerships with civil society and governments to develop platforms where citizens can voice their opinions and contribute to shaping a better future. The Intikhabi Mela is a testament to our commitment to enabling such dialogues."

The event showcased the potential of art and technology as tools for enhancing democratic processes. Code for Pakistan extends its heartfelt gratitude to all partners and attendees for their invaluable contributions.

The artworks created during the Mela will are featured on the events website