Peshawar Civic Hackathon 2014

KPHacks was a partnership amongst the KP Govt, the World Bank, Peshawar 2.0, and Code for Pakistan. It was a unique event, with ideas pitched by both govt departments and civic hackers.

31 – 2 February 2014

Calling all civic-minded geeks! Think your city could be better? Be it Peshawar or Lahore, we have civic problems! Do you have ideas about how to fix things? Do you like working with other intelligent people? Have skills like web or mobile development or design? Want to innovate on top of government information and services? Come apply your geek or creative skills to transforming your city for the better. Join us in Peshawar the weekend of Jan 31st and learn how your tech, creative, and problem solving skills can transform your city. During the 3-day Civic Hackathon, you will learn open-source hacking for civic good, get mentored, receive input from domain experts in government, have opportunities to network, and be fed meals all for free thanks to our sponsors. All you need to do is bring your brain, skills, and enthusiasm. You will form teams to create prototypes that address civic problems. ### AGENDA Friday: 3:00pm to 9:00pm 3:00pm Inaugural Kick-off at PC Hotel 5:00pm Intro to Civic Hacking 6:00pm Project Pitches & Team Formation 8:00 - 9:00pm Dinner Saturday: 8:00am to 9:00pm 8:00am Check in & Breakfast 8:30am Agenda 8:45am Workshops 10:00am Judging Categories & Team Discussions 11:15am Hacking Begins 1:00pm Lunch 4:00pm Tea 7:00pm GitHub & Hosting Check-ins 8:30 - 9:00pm Dinner Sunday: 8:00am to 5:00pm 8:00am Breakfast 8:30am Agenda 8:45am Hacking 9:30am Team Mentoring 12:30pm Submissions Due & Lunch 1:00pm Presentations & Demos 4:30 - 5:00pm Next Steps, Prizes, Tea Location: UET, Peshawar Men and women's accommodations are provided for out-of-town participants. The Peshawar Civic Hackathon has completed. The most promising prototypes received prizes to support the design and development of the open source apps. We received 250 applications for the Peshawar Civic Hackathon, and we were amazed by the highly motivated, enthusiastic participation. Many participants will have the opportunity to become Peshawar Fellowship Program members, so they can continue civic hacking. We saw 21 great civic solutions, several of them around ideas that were pitched by KP Govt departments! Take a look [VIEW THE PROJECTS](